Seating Rings/Adjusting Units

Concrete frame adjusting/seating rings are reinforced 65mm deep units which can be used in place of engineering bricks to adjust the ductile or cast iron covers and frames to the required level.

They can be quickly and easily installed by semi-skilled labour and there are fewer joints which reduce the likelihood of infiltration.

Our multi-part adjusting units offer the advantage of light weight sections enabling one man to handle the units and comply

Concrete Seating Rings/Adjusting Units

Seating/adjusting types

Manhole Seating Rings are manufactured to BS 5911-3 standard in the following sizes...

One-part Seating Rings

600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm access
750mm x 600mm access
750mm x 750mm access
600mm x 600mm eccentric

Two-part Seating Rings

600mm x 600mm access
675mm x 675mm access

Manhole seating rings

Access Weight Pack size Pack weight
600 x 600mm 70kg 15 1050kg
675 x 675mm 60kg 15 900kg
750 x 600mm 70kg 10 700kg
750 x 750mm 80kg 10 800kg
600 x 600mm
80kg 10 800kg
600 x 600mm 48kg 15 720kg
675 x 675mm 56kg 15 840kg
1200 x 675mm 90kg 10 900kg

Manhole Seating Rings/Adjusting Units

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