Vee™ Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Elite are the UK’s only manufacturer of blocks which lock together both horizontally and vertically, the Vee ™ Interlocking Concrete block.
If you looking for an interlocking block system that can provide radiation shielding (either temporary or permanent) or if you’re looking a block that can provide a retaining wall solution or for a block to use in various temporary works then Vee™ Interlocking blocks could be the answer. 
You may need a salt storage bay(s) or push/dividing walls for a waste recycling centre – Vee™ blocks are free standing and incredibly strong – so please call our sales team on 01852 588885 or email

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Vee™ Interlocking concrete blocks
Originally designed to provide radiation shielding the Vee™ Interlocking block is an incredibly versatile product that will excel in the most demanding of applications. The blocks interlock with each other using a unique ‘V’ system along the base, sides and top giving incredible strength and stability.

No special foundations are required, just firm and level ground or a concrete pad.

The standard block is a B1 1830mm x 610mm x 610mm (highlighted in the table below) and weighs in at 1600kgs.

See below for the full range and specifications.

Vee™ Block types

All blocks measure 610mm square in cross section, but vary in length. B1 blocks are the standard type of block and are identified by having a V-shaped groove (female) on the bottom and one end of the block, and V-shaped projections (male) on the top and opposite end of the block. The direction of build is the direction in which the male projections should be pointing when assembling the wall.

B2 blocks are identical to B1 blocks with the exception that the male projection on the end of the block has been removed leaving a flat surface. The blocks are used to butt up to blocks which are at 90 degrees to the direction of build. They are also used at the end of walls to produce a smooth finish to the wall.

Vee™ Block L x W x H (mm) Weight Code
B1 610 x 610 x 610 533kg B1-610
915 x 610 x 610 800kg B1-915
1220 x 610 x 610 1067kg B1-1220
1525 x 610 x 610 1333kg B1-1525
1830 x 610 x 610 1600kg B1-1830
B2 610 x 610 x 610 533kg B2-610
915 x 610 x 610 800kg B2-915
1220 x 610 x 610 1067kg B2-1220
1525 x 610 x 610 1333kg B2-1525
1830 x 610 x 610 1600kg B2-1830
C1 corner 1525 x 610 x 610 1333kg C1-1525
C2 corner 1525 x 610 x 610 1333kg C2-1525
T2 1525 x 610 x 610 1333kg T1-1525
FB coping 610 x 610 x 610 533kg FB-610
915 x 610 x 610 800kg FB-915
1220 x 610 x 610 1067kg FB-1220
1525 x 610 x 610 1333kg FB-1525
1830 x 610 x 610 1600kg FB-1830
HB coping 610 x 610 x 305 266kg HB-610
915 x 610 x 305 400kg HB-915
1220 x 610 x 305 533kg HB-1220
1525 x 610 x 305 666kg HB-1525
1830 x 610 x 305 800kg HB-1830
Full range of Vee™ Interlocking Precast Concrete BlocksC1 and C2 blocks (combination blocks) interlock courses at corners. As well as having the usual groove in the bottom of the block, combis have transverse grooves running across the width of the block. This is designed to lock the blocks in the course below. C1 blocks, (as with B1 blocks), have the male V projection on the end of the block. C2 blocks have a flat male end as with B2 blocks.

T2 blocks are specifically designed for the formation of intermediate bay walls. These blocks have a flat male face.

There are also a series of flat top coping blocks, these being standard 610 depths (FB blocks), or 305 depths (HB blocks).

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Class A1 fire resistant in
accordance with clause of EN 13369.
Applications include...
Flood barriers

Sea defence

Radiation shielding

Grain storage

Soil/aggregate bay walls

Waste and recycling bays

Silage clamps

Earth retention

Security barriers

Traffic calming

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