Elite Precast hit out about the use of leaded glass in interlocking concrete blocks

In 2014, numerous UK companies raised the issue of leaded glass from cathode ray tube (CRT) screens being exported to the Netherlands, where it was being used by a company called ‘A Jansen BV’ to […]

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The dangers of using recycled aggregates in concrete


Given the ever-increasing awareness of the environmental impact of construction and the desire to preserve the world’s resources, there is an onus on manufacturers to ensure their products can be recycled where possible when they […]

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The importance of quality concrete in interlocking blocks

What is concrete?

For every person on Earth, three tonnes of concrete are used every year. This makes it one of the most consumed materials in the world, second only to water1. Concrete is comprised of […]

The advantages of using precast concrete blocks as Kentledge for hoarding and fencing

In recent years fencing and hoarding contractors have increasingly been using precast concrete blocks as foundations / counterweights / kentledge for temporary and even permanent fencing and hoarding rather than employing the traditional method of […]

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Specifier’s guide to precast concrete seating rings (adjusting rings) and gully risers (gully cover slabs)

Precast concrete seating rings and gully risers are a practical and economical alternative to engineering brick coursing, and provide both height adjustment and a robust seating for the ironwork cover and frame assembly.

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