The advantages of using precast concrete blocks as Kentledge for hoarding and fencing

In recent years fencing and hoarding contractors have increasingly been using precast concrete blocks as foundations / counterweights / kentledge for temporary and even permanent fencing and hoarding rather than employing the traditional method of […]

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How to create the perfect on-site storage facility

Whether you own/operate a commercial, agricultural or an industrial building you will be familiar with the need to maximise your investment by making sure you make best us of the space. To do this you’ll […]

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Specifier’s guide to precast concrete seating rings (adjusting rings) and gully risers (gully cover slabs)

Precast concrete seating rings and gully risers are a practical and economical alternative to engineering brick coursing, and provide both height adjustment and a robust seating for the ironwork cover and frame assembly.

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Precast Concrete Utility Protection Slabs

Precast Concrete Utility Protection Slabs are widely recognised as the most cost effective and robust method of protecting vital utility services from potential damage caused by mobile construction equipment. Underground gas mains, high pressure water […]

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Separating fact from fiction – your guide to specifying and buying precast concrete firewalls

Following the well-publicised spate of fires within the waste and wood recycling sectors in the last few years the Environment Agency (EA) have been changing their regulatory approach to licence holders. The EA has been […]

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Kentledge for above ground fencing / hoarding

The word kentledge might sound a little obscure with its origins going back to the 16th century. The original definition is ‘’Weights (often scrap or pig iron) used as permanent ballast on ships’’ however, kentledge […]

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