Fire Prevention and Mitigation Plan Guidance – Natural Resources Wales


Three-sided waste material bays – the preferred choice

The use of three-sided bunkers to store waste material has long been recommended as a good way to stop the spread of fire within waste management sites, because in the event of a fire, the bunker walls will act as fire breaks.

Waste material bunker with fire walls

Waste storage recommended bay/bunker sizes and fire resistance times

Within the NRW guidance document, valuable advice is given on the recommended size of the waste storage bays/bunkers that should be used and also the fire resistance times that they should provide.

Interlocking concrete blocks – Class A1 fire Resistant

Elite Precast Concrete manufacture a range of interlocking concrete blocks that are ideal for the construction of waste storage bunkers. The blocks DO NOT contain any recycled or waste materials and are therefore Class A1 fire resistant in accordance with clause of EN 13369.


Legato Firewall Block


Duo Firewall Block


Vee Firewall Block