May 2013

Top Ten Reasons to buy Elite Interlocking Concrete Blocks

1. Price
We guarantee to beat any like for like quote by at least 10%. Our low cost base and market leading efficient manufacturing processes enable us to provide the most competitively priced blocks available. We are always seeking new ways to improve our production systems with the result that long term price certainty is maintained for our clients, making it easier for you to plan long term projects and service repeat business.

2. Service 
By keeping large stocks we are able to offer a next day, nationwide service throughout the UK. We can deliver anything from one block to many thousands on a variety of different vehicles including flatbed artics and crane offload. We also offer a full install service. An export service is available to anywhere in the world – just ask for details.

3. Permanent / temporary
By choosing Elite’s interlocking blocks, you get all of the benefits of a permanent solution (extremely robust push / segregation walls) with the bonus of being able reconfigure or relocate the blocks as your business needs change.

4. Asset v liability
Our concrete is a high strength (50N/mm2) mix which does not contain any recycled aggregates. You can therefore be assured that you will be investing in an asset that will continue to provide you with a quality solution for very many years to come. Competitor products have been proven to contain recycled and even waste materials that are not suitable for making concrete and should have been responsibly disposed of. Far from being an asset, blocks made from such materials can quickly become a liability.

5. Pedigree
We have a proven track record with a huge number of clients including the M.O.D, LOCOG, various Health Trusts, national, regional and local contractors. We are proud to have been selected to supply various prestigious projects such as HS2, Tideway, Crossrail, Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station, Commonwealth Games and many local and regional distributors, as well as a number of overseas clients. We have manufactured and sold over 300,000 blocks since we began in early 2008 and enjoy a huge amount of repeat business from our clients.

6. Durability
Our blocks are cast from high strength (50N/mm2) concrete which does not contain any steel reinforcing or recycled aggregates. The blocks are therefore suitable for structural applications and have a design life of 120 years.

7. Flexibility
Each block has its own lifting point so you can easily and quickly move the blocks into different configurations (or even to different sites) without the need for specialist lifting equipment. In addition, the blocks have an almost endless variety of end uses including push walls in recycling facilities, embankment retention, radiation screening, counter weights (kentledge) for fencing and hoarding, traffic management etc etc.

8. Quality
Elite are first and foremost manufacturers of high quality precast concrete. We apply the same high standards of compliance and quality to our block business. You can be assured that all raw materials are fully traceable and that the concrete is monitored for all dimensional accuracy, density, compressive strength etc on a regular basis.

9. Environment
Because our blocks are made from 100% natural materials sourced from local quarries, they are 100% recyclable at their end of their life. Combined with the 120 year design life, they therefore provide the most environmentally sustainable solution currently available. Our production processes benefit from the most modern and efficient low energy equipment and we embrace best practice in all aspects including rainwater harvesting. We minimise our carbon footprint in all areas including making the best use of the transport network by utilising back loads for the majority of our deliveries. This minimises the road miles that any of our vehicles have to travel empty and of course means lower prices for our customers.

10. Fire
The concrete has class leading fire retardant qualities because it does not contain any steel reinforcing or recycled aggregates. Our blocks are recommended by many insurance companies as fire breaks and we boast a number of tyre recycling companies amongst our expanding customer base. We are proud members of the British Precast Concrete Federation and they have published extensive research on this subject which we would be delighted to share with our customers on request.