Cable Protection Covers

Concrete Cable Protection Cover Tiles, also known as Cable Route Markers, are used frequently by utility companies to provide a clear indication to site staff who may be working close to underground electrical cables.
Covers act as a protective barrier against damage to buried electricity cables eliminating the risk of accidents and costly repairs. They can also be used to locate and identify other underground services.
Protection covers are reinforced precast concrete units manufactured and tested to BS 2484 specifications. The covers are imprinted, as standard, with the words ‘DANGER ELECTRICITY’ and are available in three sizes.
On request, bespoke covers can be manufactured to order for other services such as Telephone, Gas, Oil, Chemicals, Fibre Optics, etc.

Cable Protection Covers

Cover types

Concrete Cable Protection Cover Tiles (also known as Cable Route Markers) are manufactured to BS 2484 and imprinted as standard with the indented lettering warning legend DANGER ELECTRICITY and the internationally recognised Danger Sign.

There are five standard sizes available as shown below. On request we can also supply a variety of wording options such as PROPANE LINE, GAS, OIL, FIBRE-OPTIC CABLE, WATER, TELEPHONE, etc.

Length Width Depth Weight
914mm 150mm 50mm 16kg
914mm 230mm 50mm 24kg
914mm 305mm 50mm 32kg
610mm 305mm 50mm 22kg
305mm 305mm 50mm 11kg

Cable Protection Covers

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