Gully Cover Slabs/Raisers

Gully cover slabs are available in both square and ‘U’ shaped versions, for positioning next to kerb edges, with handling recesses for lifting brackets.

They offer a cost-effective yet stronger alternative to brickwork with the added benefit of simple construction and easy

Concrete Gully Cover Slabs/Raisers

Cover types

Gully cover slabs are manufactured to BS 5911-6 standard in the following sizes...

Square shape
750mm x 650mm

585mm x 650mm

Thicknesses of the slabs can be either 100mm or 65mm.

Gully cover slabs/raisers

Length Width Depth Weight
750mm 650mm 100mm 78kg
750mm 650mm 65mm 50kg
585mm 650mm 100mm 50kg
585mm 650mm 65mm 38kg

Precast Gully Cover Slabs/Raisers

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