Marker Blocks

Precast concrete marker blocks are primarily used to aid in the location and identification of electric cables and other utility services that are buried underground. They can also be used to mark boundaries and other reference points.

They are made from precast concrete and are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS 1881 standards.

Available in a range of standard sizes with various legends, however any size or wording can be produced on

Block types

Marker Blocks are manufactured in accordance with BS 1881 and standard blocks are listed in the table opposite.

Where applicable blocks have a recess on the underside which houses a 6mm galvanised bar to enable cable draw ropes etc. to be attached.

The standard recess size for identification plates is 100mm x 75mm.

Any other requirements can be made to order.

Concrete Marker Blocks and Marker Slabs

Marker Block

Code Height Width Depth Weight Other
CG2 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg BCB 300 Electric Cables
CG2B 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   High Voltage Cables
CG2C 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   Fibre Optic Cables
CG2D 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   Gas
CG2E 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   Water
CG2F 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   DHM
CG2G 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   Boundary
CG2H 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   BT
CG2J 300mm 300mm 150mm 32kg   SP
CG2A 300mm 300mm 225mm 48kg   D
CG2A 300mm 300mm 225mm 48kg   DD
CG2A 300mm 300mm 225mm 48kg   J
CG3 600mm 600mm 100mm 89kg   Electric Cables
CG4 300mm 300mm 75mm 16kg   Fire Mains
CG5 150mm 300mm 150mm 15kg   Highway
CG5A 100mm 100mm 500mm 12kg   HB

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