Dam Spillway Blocks

Precast concrete wedge-shaped blocks which use the hydrodynamics of the water flow to achieve immense stability in high velocity open channel conditions such as those found on dam spillways. The blocks are bespoke-manufactured to suit specific design and technical data.

Concrete Dam Spillway Blocks

Dam Spillway Blocks are a concrete-step-overlay-protection-system for embankment dams and spillways that are subject to high forces associated with overtopping flow. The downward weight (positive force) of the block and the uplift pressure (negative force) of the flowing water allow the system to remain stable. An effective drainage network – allowing water to be removed from beneath the system – is essential to the design of the overlay.

Dam Spillway Concrete Blocks

The practicality of our Dam Spillway Blocks lies in their cost-effective ease of installation. This is particularly true for projects where the use of large machinery is deemed impractical due to confined, hard-to-reach jobsites or environmental impact on the surrounding area. Dam Spillway Blocks are typically installed over site-specific filter fabric and subsequent drainage medium on a well-compacted surface.

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Applications include...
Dam overtopping

High velocity channels

Primary and secondary
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