Precast concrete barriers have a wide range of uses and benefits, from keeping your workforce safe to preventing common nuisances.

Here are our top four reasons for using precast concrete barriers:

Managing Site Traffic

Safety is at the forefront of all site management teams’ minds, so it pays to know that precast concrete barriers are ideal for managing site traffic safely and efficiently. Carefully placed blocks and barriers will not only safeguard your workforce, but will enable forklifts and other heavy plant machinery to be directed around the site in a controlled manner.

Site Security

Site security is vital for both active and unoccupied premises, and precast concrete blocks and barriers not only ensure a site is secure, but provide peace of mind for land owners, tenants and local authorities.

In the event of unwanted visitors or travellers, speed is of the essence, and it’s important to find a precast concrete manufacturer who can respond quickly to orders. This will not only ensure minimal disruption, but could potentially save £1000s in legal fees too. (Case Study: Elite Precast Celebrates Defence Against Traveller Occupation).


Fly-tipping is a common problem for empty or unoccupied sites, and the placement of concrete blocks or barriers will not only prevent an environmental issue from developing, but can save huge sums of money in terms of clearing up the legacy that remains. In addition, a well secured site portrays a positive corporate image for your company.


Precast concrete blocks and security barriers are also suitable for providing kentledge (counter weight) for perimeter and security fencing, eliminating the need to excavate the site for fencing or hoarding post supports.

Have you used precast concrete blocks or barriers in a different context? Do share your ideas and suggestions below.