Whether you own/operate a commercial, agricultural or an industrial building you will be familiar with the need to maximise your investment by making sure you make best us of the space. To do this you’ll need to assess your storage strategy and choose the right solution to help segregate or stockpile your stock – be that aggregates, woodchip, road salt, general RDF waste, crushed glass or any other valuable commodity.

There are various factors to take into account –


Whichever storage solution or method of material segregation you choose it will undoubtedly represent a significant capital investment and durability is therefore vital in ensuring you get the best long term value. Interlocking concrete blocks from Elite are cast from high strength (50N/mm2) concrete and have a design life of 100 years so you can be certain that incredibly high levels of durability are designed into them.

The blocks are used for a huge range of applications including flood defence, salt barns, waste and recycling units, storage bays, aggregate bays and retaining walls and concrete interlocking ‘lego’ blocks from Elite Precast are therefore by far the most flexible and cost efficient choice.

How to install the blocks?

Most clients choose to off-load and install their own blocks. As all of the blocks have a cast in lifting pin – all thats required for off-loading and placing the blocks into position is a suitable machine with a chain and hook. That level of ultimate flexibility and ease of use means that clients can also easily re-locate or re-configure their blocks should the business needs change over time.

However via a number of approved contractors a client can also have a full turn key package which will take them from initial design calculations and build drawings right through to a full installation service.

Elite also have a trading agreements with various specialist tension membrane and full steel roof systems (including retractable roofs – suitable for salt barns etc)

How big are the blocks?

Elite manufacture a variety of blocks – the smallest weighing 750kgs and the largest weighing 2,400kgs. So (subject to carrying out suitable structural calculations) whatever your wall height / material mass requirements Elite have the right blocks for the job.

How much do they really cost?

The prices vary depending on the location of the project and types of blocks required however delivered prices range between £100 and £150 /m2 of wall.

How are they delivered?

Elite offer the full range of delivery options inc the standard flat bed 44ft artic (where the client off-loads), FORS Gold, Silver and Bronze, CLOCS and Crossrail compliant, crane offload, telehandler off-load, via palletforce and exported worldwide via a number of prequalified shipping partners. Given the central location of the factories clients can also choose to collect their blocks.

How do I find out more/order the blocks?

That couldn’t be easier – you can call 01952 588885 or email sales@eliteprecast.co.uk

The blocks are stock items and lead times are typically 2-3 days from receipt of order.