There are an almost unlimited number of uses for high quality interlocking blocks – provided the manufacturer is not using recycled materials and is manufacturing the blocks to a recognised standard.

Some of these uses are discussed below –

Push walls

Interlocking ‘’lego’’ type blocks are generally cast at least 600mm thick and provided they are made with high strength concrete they make extremely robust push walls which are able to withstand impacts far greater than might be the case with concrete panels.

Retaining walls

Push walls For a quick and safe embankment retention solution there are few better solutions than interlocking concrete blocks. With some blocks being over 1.2m2 in area it is possible in some cases for a 3 man team to install over 130m2 or retaining wall per day. Subject to appropriate structural design being carried out there is no limit to the heights that can be achieved and with such rapid installation times, interlocking blocks offer massive benefits in terms of safety because the excavation is not left ‘open’ for long periods.

Salt barns

High strength interlocking blocks do not typically require any steel reinforcing and they are therefore perfect for creating the walls in a salt barn structure. You can use the blocks to support the roof structure and because the concrete is not steel reinforced, impacts from wheeled loader buckets will not expose steel reinforcing which would then rot and require replacing.

Aggregate bays

As interlocking concrete blocks are free standing and don’t require any mortar or bolts etc they are very quick and easy to reconfigure or even relocate as your business needs change.

Site security

If your business is dealing with high value materials (e.g. metal recycling) you can even build a perimeter wall around your site out of interlocking blocks. They provide the ultimate in site security as they are almost impossible to break through. You get the added benefits of great screening and excellent acoustic properties as well.

Fire breaks

Good quality interlocking blocks are ideal for use a fire breaks which when they form part of your fire risk mitigation strategy can save your business £1000’s in insurance premiums. With the high number of fire in the recycling sector recently, insurance premiums have risen considerably and so some businesses insurance has become almost impossible to get at any price. By designing and installing fire breaks it makes it easier for a fire to be contained. Interlocking blocks are also useful for push walls and materials bays (see above) so can prove to be a very wise investment indeed.