Precast Concrete Utility Protection Slabs are widely recognised as the most cost effective and robust method of protecting vital utility services from potential damage caused by mobile construction equipment. Underground gas mains, high pressure water or sewerage pipelines and high voltage cables are just some of the buried services that can be protected by laying Utility Protection Slabs above them during construction projects.

Utility Protection Slabs act as a protective barrier against damage to buried services, reducing the risk of accidents and costly repairs.

These high strength steel reinforced slabs interlock to create a quick and simple protective barrier allowing heavy mobile plant to cross over the services.

Cast from 50N/mm2 concrete and available ‘’off the shelf’’ there are some very compelling reasons why Utility Protection Slabs should always be considered when construction projects have to contend with existing buried vital services –

  1. Safety |Under impact loading from mobile plant, vital utilities such as gas mains are at risk of being damaged which can have catastrophic safety implications. Correctly designed and installed Utility Protection Slabs will provide a precast concrete barrier over the top of the services allowing heavy plant to safely cross.
  2. Durability | Utility Protection Slabs are cast from high strength concrete and are suitable for re-use time and time again.
  3. Recyclability | 100% of a precast concrete Utility Protection Slab can be recycled.
  4. Value for money | Utility protection Slabs are mass produced which means they are great value compared to bespoke or in-situ solutions.
  5. Availability | As they are mass produced, Utility Protection Slabs are available ‘’off the shelf’’ with delivery to site often possible on a next day basis.
  6. Speed | Utility Protection Slabs are cured prior to delivery so unlike an in-situ solution they can be installed and be ready for use immediately.
  7. Ease of installation| Each unit has two cast in lifting sockets which make installation quick, easy and safe with no specialised lifting equipment required.