Valuable real estate is often targeted by unwanted visitors or thieves when it’s left empty for even the shortest of periods. The damage and disruption caused can run into many £1000’s, even undermining the long term value of the property or land as your un-wanted guests often return time after time – leaving only temporarily after expensive court orders have been served.

There are various measures that can be taken to deter or prevent such problems – ranging from fencing to employing part or full time security staff. However landowners and estate managers are increasingly relying on simple and relatively inexpensive solutions as simple as large heavy concrete blocks and barriers.

The type and extent of the perimeter that needs to be secured will determine the most suitable barrier and different examples are discussed below –

Car parks / empty fields / common land etc

Where the perimeter is more than around 100m in length and particularly on uneven ground the idea solution is often something like a Jersey Barrier. These are typically 2,500mm Long and generally weigh 1,450 kgs. They have fork slots cast into them making them easy to install – but given their substantial weight they are impossible to move without the help of specialist equipment. In addition, because of their length they are often the most cost effective way of securing relatively long perimeters.

Site entrances / gateways etc

By their nature, these types of potential entry points are more vulnerable to attack from vehicles which might try the more direct approach – this can involve breaking through or even completely removing security gates. In these situations a different approach might prove to be more successful and this is often 2 tonne security block. These blocks are just ‘’off-square’’ in shape and have ‘’blind’’ fork slots i.e. fork slots that don’t go all the way through the base of the block. This means there is no way of wrapping straps through the block which in turn prevents even the most tenacious of traveller from dragging the block out of the way using a large transit van or similar. Even if an attempt is made to pull or drag the block; because of its large square base, it will embed itself into the ground.

Roadside perimeters

Where a property perimeter run alongside a public highway the problem may not solely be thieves trying to break in – you might be equally at risk from road users accidentally straying onto your property. In these circumstances you might need the ultimate in site protection – the TVCB or Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier. Highways Agency approved these 3,000m long barriers weigh 2,500kgs each. Their unique ‘’scarf joint’ system means that they can also be bolted together if necessary and TVCBs will prevent unwanted vehicles from entering your suite even at speeds of up to 70mph.

Shop fronts / smaller gateways

Sometimes just one or two smaller blocks are required and conventional HGV delivery vehicles aren’t a cost effective way of transporting them to your premises. In these cases you might consider a block which can be delivered via pallet force such as a KM1000 marquee block. Weighing in a still substantial 1,000kgs these blocks will prevent unwanted access to your premises whilst being relatively easy to move into position at the end of the working using something like a pallet truck.