Kentledge Blocks

Precast concrete kentledge blocks are used to act as ballast or counterweights for fencing, hoarding, scaffolding, or for various temporary works. They can also be attached to wire ropes which are fixed to the structure to provide greater stability.

Kentledge Blocks

Block types

Elite offer a choice of products which can be used as kentledge/ballast blocks. The blocks shown and highlighted in red below are our most popular. Should you require different sizes then please refer to the rest of the table for size and style options.

Weight Length Width Height Type Code
1000kg 1000mm 750mm 750mm Marquee KM1000
500kg 1000mm 550mm 400mm Marquee KM500
1200kg 800mm 800mm 800mm Legato KLG1200
750kg 1200mm 600mm 450mm Duo KL750
375kg 600mm 600mm 450mm Duo KL375
1600kg 1830mm 610mm 610mm Vee KV1600
1333kg 1525mm 610mm 610mm Vee KV1333
1067kg 1220mm 610mm 610mm Vee KV1067
800kg 915mm 610mm 610mm Vee KV800
533kg 610mm 610mm 610mm Vee KV533
1150kg 1000mm 1000mm 500mm Scaffold KS1150
775kg 2200mm 600mm 250mm Solar KZ775
1000kg 2300mm 460mm 400mm Solar KZ1000
1000kg 1000mm 1000mm 425mm Cube KC1000
1125kg 1800mm 600mm 450mm Duo KC1125
2000kg 1220mm 990mm 750mm Security KS2000
2350kg 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm Cube KS2350
2950kg 1000mm 1000mm 1250mm Cube KS2950
3000kg 1400mm 1400mm 700mm MOD KX3000

Marquee Blocks

Legato Blocks

Interlocking block

Vee Blocks

Scaffold Blocks

Supplier of precast concrete kentledge blocks
(Olympic venues) to the London 2012 Games

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The Duo blocks were a great success. We used them to extend the tipping pit before blocking the grain store door, which increased our storage from 1600T to 2600T.

Peter Shiles
Tyning Farms - Chipping Sodbury

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